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  • What is the London Archers Baseball Program?
    We are a competitive youth baseball travel program based in southeast England. Our program aims to support the growth of youth baseball in the UK by providing high-quality, year-round baseball training for UK youths that want to accelerate their baseball development and play competitively across Europe.
  • Do players from only certain clubs play with the London Archers?
    No. The London Archers are completely club-agnostic and our program invites and accepts players and coaches from youth baseball clubs across the UK. We are open to all players that possess the requisite skill level, commitment and attitude. The ability to offer the program to everyone is a critical success factor since the program can maximize the scale of the collective youth baseball community in the area. It is also one of the great benefits of the program as it allows kids to make new friends, teammates, and to have a unique baseball experience in the UK.
  • Does participation with the London Archers have an impact on my child’s ability to play with my local club or with the Great Britain National Teams?
    The Archers Program has no affiliation with any other club, team or academy in the UK or the Great Britain National Teams programme. Participation with the London Archers has absolutely no bearing or impact on your child's selection or participation with any other club or national team (real or perceived). Participation with the London Archers does not impact a player's ability to participate in their local club's Little League or travel programs. Players are free to participate in whatever club activities they want and are free to leave the Archers Program at any time.
  • What are the objectives and goals of the London Archers Baseball Program?
    Our objectives and goals are simple. As a program we want to be the premier travel program in the UK and we want to compete in and win international tournaments across Europe. For our players, we want to build technically sound, resilient athletes that play the game of baseball the right way. Our player development focuses on the following key areas: Baseball Growth – We are dedicated to developing kids with a high baseball “IQ”, situational awareness, and proper baseball technique. Athletic Growth – We stress strength and conditioning and will focus on the development of core strength, balance, and agility. Mental Growth – We challenge kids mentally and spend a lot of time on the mental aspects of baseball. We want to teach kids how to be competitive, mentally strong, and resilient athletes.
  • What are the core values of the London Archers Baseball Program?
    Our program is built on several core values. All players, coaches, parents, families, administrators, and anyone associated with the program will lead by example through these values. When we travel, we are representing the UK baseball community and the program as a whole. We want kids to learn to play the game of baseball the right way through the lens of these values. Attitude – Respect – Commitment – Hustle – Energy – Resilience - Support In order to protect the program, coaches, and the experience of players and families, the program reserves the right at its sole discretion to impose penalties, including, without limitation, game suspensions, dismissal from a team, suspension or immediate revocation of membership if a player, coach, or family member violates a team rule or chooses not to uphold the values of the program.
  • What are the player and family commitments required to be part of the London Archers?
    This program is first and foremost a competitive travel team. Participation in the program comes with a commitment to baseball. We understand that kids play other sports and that is great for their development and we are fully supportive. However, baseball always needs to be in the background and considered in your plans particularly during baseball season and winter training. We need kids (and families) to be committed to playing baseball and traveling to tournaments. We don’t have a mandatory practice attendance or tournament requirement, but there is an expectation that kids will be available. Ultimately, every kid will get out of the program what they put in.
  • How are player nominations and selections made for the London Archers?
    Player nominations and team selections are done annually based on local club input, try-outs, coaching input, and evaluations. The ultimate selection of a player for the program is based on assessments of the player in the following key areas: Requisite baseball skill level and potential Attitude and hustle of the player Commitment of the player and family Player and family fit with the values and goals of the program The program reserves the absolute right on selection of players.
  • What is the cost of playing for the London Archers?
    An annual program fee will be established each year. The annual fee covers the cost of registration, insurance, other UK governance requirements, uniforms, and trainings including baseballs, equipment and facility rental. The fee does not cover the cost of travel to tournaments, which will be paid on a tournament by tournament basis. Travel baseball is not cheap and the cost will vary greatly depending on the tournaments a child attends.
  • What are the ages and roster structures?
    The program is built around three core teams: 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U. However, many tournaments across Europe have various age determinations and qualifications so roster selections will be made on a tournament-by-tournament basis. Some kids may play in multiple age groups and teams and some kids may only play in one.
  • How are tournament rosters set? Will my child be invited to every tournament? How is playing time be determined?
    Being part of the London Archers Baseball Program does not guarantee the player will make every tournament roster. Making a tournament roster does not guarantee playing time at the tournament. Playing time does not guarantee the player will play a preferred position. Coaches for each respective team will make every player personnel decision and will be transparent and open with each player. Each player will have a role on the team and it may or may not be what that player is accustomed to.
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